About the Film

Although Lebanon is considered the most progressive nation in the Arab world, only four of the 128 Lebanese parliament members are women.  Madame Parliamentarian, a short documentary film depicting women’s historically low participation in Lebanon’s political life, explores the reasons behind this situation and examines solutions adopted by other countries to increase the number of women in political leadership.

Madame Parliamentarian is available for use in conferences, seminars, and at colleges and universities. The 16-minute film is an educational tool to complement panel discussions and Q&A conversations with the filmmaker or specialized speakers.  The film has screened in various cities around the world, at film festivals, conferences, think tanks, and community screenings.


English and Arabic (subtitled in English) / Additional versions available with French and Arabic subtitles
Countries of Production: Lebanon/U.S.A.
FILM TRT: 15 minutes 18 seconds
Available for sale online to the educational market. (see Buy tab)


Dr. Marguerite Helou political consultant and professor of politics science at Haigazian University
Najat Sharafeddine Lebanese broadcast journalist
Dr. Chantal Sarkis scholar specializing in women and political life in Lebanon
Myrna Shidrawi former member of the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE)
Doreen Khoury former executive director of LADE
Ghassan Makarem former executive director of LADE
Walid Fakhreddine former executive director of LADE
Nada Majdalani media professional
and local voters and activists.