“Madame Parliamentarian was well received, and filled the audience with questions for Itani.”  Leslie Weisman


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FILM TRT: 15 minutes 18 seconds
Format SD 4:3
Shot on Panasonic DVX100A
Languages: English and Arabic (subtitled in English)  / Additional versions available with French and Arabic subtitles
Countries of Production: Lebanon/U.S.A.


“Rouane Itani’s Madame Parliamentarian is a small and well-crafted gem of a film that lets us see the challenges and potentialities of women’s political participation in Lebanon through many facets. From interviews with seasoned politicians to lively conversations with young women, Itani’s film highlights the need – and great possibilities for – women’s meaningful participation at all levels of Lebanon’s formal political structures. Madame Parliamentarian is highly recommended for college classes on the contemporary Middle East, women and gender, democratization, and the concerns of youth. Journalists and policy makers will also find this film engaging and informative.”
Laurie King,PhD Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Georgetown University
(former editor of Al-Raida, the publication of the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World, Lebanese American University-Beirut)


“Rouane Itani’s short documentary, Madame Parliamentarian gives us some excellent insights into the Lebanese political system especially as it concerns the status of women in politics.”
Professor Joan Katen, Peace and Justice Studies, Pace University

“Rouane Itani’s Madame Parliamentarian is a must for anyone interested in women’s issues in the Middle East and in Lebanon in particular. Beautifully shot and edited, Itani packs a lot into her short documentary. I now have a good understanding that Lebanon, despite its reputation as one of the most progressive countries in the Arab world with a thriving democratic culture, has yet to embrace women in political life. Itani helps us understand that the reasons include women’s apathy, religious sectarianism, a patriarchal social structure, and women’s limited access to funding. A possible solution is a controversial quota for women, a program which is not uncommon in other mid-Eastern countries. Madame Parliamentarian deserves a home on the shelves of many universities.”
Rev. Ellin Jimmerson, Ph.D., historian, activist, film maker.

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