Filmmaker & Crew

Camera 360Producer/Director/Narrator, Rouane Itani

ROUANE ITANI is a Lebanese-American filmmaker, based in Washington, DC. Itani started her media career in broadcast TV in Beirut, Lebanon before moving to the United States where she earned an M.A. in Film and Video Producing. She runs a boutique media production company, Aflama LLC and has several years of experience creating corporate, documentary and educational video projects. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English.

She filmed much of Madame Parliamentarian’s footage in her country of origin, illuminating segments of Lebanon’s political history and bringing women’s struggles for more rights to the attention of audiences around the world.

MADAME PARLIAMENTARIAN is her first independent documentary film.

Read the artistic statement


Co-Editor, Adele Schmidt

ADELE SCHMIDT is a film & video producer, director and editor. She has been a consulting producer and editor for a wide range of documentary filmmakers in the Washington DC metro area. She offers workshops on filmmaking via the Documentary Coach (

Graphic Designer/Animator, Pat Perry-Burgess

PAT PERRY-BURGESS is an international award-winning illustrator and animator residing just outside of Washington, D.C. Her art combines traditional freehand drawing and painting skills with computer-based graphics technology. Whether documentary or fantasy art, Ms. Perry-Burgess’ creative process always includes detailed research — she enjoys learning and imagining alongside her audience. Other interests include: Eastern Art & Philosophy, Forensic Sciences and Classic Cinema.

Moe studio

Musician/Sound Designer, Mohamad Kebbe

MOHAMAD KEBBE is an audio producer who has worked with the likes of Shakira, Sarah Brightman, Kazem El Saher and countless others. He has produced many TV commercials, radio ads and documentaries. He composes and produces music albums through his company beirutbiloma. He is based in Lebanon and works internationally. (Kebbe’s portfolio can be found online at,

Music, beirutbiloma (“Take me to Beirut”, “Hubbley Bubbley”)

Special Thanks to:

Graphic Designer Fida Reuter, Camera Operator Omar Zeineddine, Archival Researchers Bayan Itani and Carren Kaston, Colorist Alexis Van Dyke, Web Content Editor Kecianne Shick, Production Assistants: Adel Badr, Hanane Itani, Nicolas Jekovski, Raghda Kebbe, and Carine Zahabi.

Thanks to Erica Ginsberg, Kiley Kraskouskas and the 2013 Docs In Progress Fellows (Nitesh Batra, Aldo Bello, Cheryle Franceschi, Chithra Jerayam, G.T. Keplinger, Hilary Linder, Scott Lunt and Amy Wilson), who were supportive and encouraging during the post production process.

Thank you to 80 funders who donated to the Indiegogo campaign. (see Supporters‘s page)

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