Thank you to all those individuals who supported this film.

Thank you to interviewees who took the time to be on camera and share their knowledge.

Thank you to the technical crew who supported the production and post-production processes.

Thank you to 80 individuals who donated to the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo during Summer 2013.

Thank you to Erica Ginsberg, Kiley Kraskouskas and the 2013 Docs In Progress Fellows: Nitesh Batra, Aldo Bello, Cheryle Franceschi, Chithra Jerayam, G.T. Keplinger, Hilary Linder, Scott Lunt and Amy Wilson.

Thank you to family and friends who were supportive and encouraging all along.


Special thank you to crowdfunding donors:

The Bibby, Itani and Badr families. Lara Alameh, Maha Haddad, Bushra Jabr.
Saad Al Izzi, Therese Allen, Amal Ashmar, Lyna Atiyeh, Ibrahim Badr, Marjorie Bancroft, Ellen Brodsky, Tina Chancey, Patricia Downey, Tom Dziedzic, Aziz ElHebri, Deena Taji Farouki, Simone Fary, Liza Figueroa, Michelle Gallager, Gloria Jean Garland, Roberta Geier, Gordana Gerskovic, Fadwa Ghanoum, Michael Hindi, Martine Hochar, Matthew Hogan, Tanya Hutchins, Toufic Itani, Bill Jackson, Rakan Jawdat, Chithra Jerayam, Ellin Jimmerson, Amy Johanson, Carren Kaston, Norman Kelley, Kiley Kraskouskas, Elizabeth Kvernen, Hilary Linder, Kai Mantsch, Patrick McDaniel, Florence Metzger, Denise Moak, Paul Moon, Ramzi Namek, Lynn Olson, Pat Perry-Burgess, Brendan Piper, Denise Pirnia, Rob Rooy, Laurie Scheer, Adele Schmidt, Nina Seavy, John Sinno, Dan Sonnett, Dana Verkouteren, Joe Wilson.

In addition to 27 anonymous donors who were very generous with donations.

Additional Thank you to:

Graphic Designer Fida Reuter, Camera Operator Omar Zeineddine, Archival Researchers Bayan Itani and Carren Kaston, Colorist Alexis Van Dyke, Web Content Editor Kecianne Shick, Production Assistants: Adel Badr, Hanane Itani, Nicolas Jekovski, Raghda Kebbe, and Carine Zahabi.


Thank you to organizations who let me film in their offices:

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE), IFES Beirut, the Lebanese Council of Women (LCW), Zico House, Helem, Future TV and the Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering (RDFL).




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